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The Amphitheatre

Outdoor Wedding Venue

The Amphitheatre | Outdoor Venue

The Amphitheatre is a unique one-of-a-kind outdoor wedding ceremony venue and event space capable of seating up to 230 guests. Inset on a raised lawn and surrounded by 18 pink cherry blossom trees, which bloom briefly for a couple of weeks in late April, this unique ceremony space will astound your friends and family on your special day. 

The Amphitheatre is a circular, open-air venue with seating tiers surrounding and facing the floral "chapel". The central space can hold extra seating if required and there is ample standing space on the upper outer tier. Because the venue is open air, it is not available on wet days and is used primarily between late-April to mid-September. 

The Amphitheatre is not confined to wedding ceremonies and may be used for corporate, musical, or dramatic events.

If the weather on the day is unsuitable, you can hold your ceremony in one of our indoor ceremony venues.