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Wedding Questions & Answers


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions leading up to your big day.

Q. Does the hotel host more than one wedding a day?

No, we have one wedding only on any given day to ensure you and your guests are the centre of attention for the entire day.

Q. How long does the hotel provisionally hold a date for couples?

Your preferred date will be held for 14 days with no obligation. After the 14 days are up, you may book the date by paying a deposit, or the date will become available again for resale. You may be contacted within the 14 day period if there is demand from other couples for your date but it will not be given to anyone else within the 14 day period.

Q. Are there minimum number requirements for booking a wedding?

Yes. For a weekend wedding (Friday/Saturday/Bank Holiday Sunday) the minimum requirement is 130 adults and must be held in The Ballroom. From Sunday-Thursday, to avail of the wedding package, the minimum requirement is 75 adults and must be held in The Garden Room (max 110) or Ballroom (120-350). For smaller initmate events (<75), we offer a bespoke package (Sunday-Wednesday).

Q. What is the maximum number of guests that can be hosted in The Garden Room for dinner service?


Q. I have invited 200 guests. Do we need to use the full Ballroom?

No. The full Ballroom maximum capacity is 360 guests. When partitioned with the curtain wall then the Ballroom can host a maximum of 220.

Q. We have paid the deposit and held our date with the hotel. When do we need to pay for the remainder?

The deposit of €1500 confirms and holds your date. Full & Final Payment is due 12 working days in advance of the wedding date. You may pay off as much or as little as you like in the intervening period at any time. Click here for full Terms & Conditions.

Q. When do we have to give final numbers of attendees?

Your final payment is due 12 working days before the event, however your final numbers are due no less than 48 hours prior. If, between the date of your final payment and when your final numbers are given, there is a difference, then you may be in credit of the balance. For example if you pay for 150 guests at final payment and 48 hours before the wedding that number drops to 140, you will be in credit of the 10 guests. If however your final numbers are given at 150 guests 48 hours before the wedding, and 140 guests arrive on the day then unfortunately there is no refund.

Q. When do we meet to discuss menu choices, set-up etc?

We will organise a meeting with one of our wedding coordinators or senior management approximately 8 weeks before the event to run through all the final details.

Q. Who from the hotel will be there on the day?

Depending on your numbers there may be up to 4 senior managers on site during the day itself. They have all been briefed on the rundown of the day and your preferences from the final details meeting and you most likely will have met one or more of them since your first visit to the hotel. They are all highly experienced in running weddings so you should have nothing to worry about and can enjoy your big day.

Q. How many bedrooms are in the hotel?

We have 71 bedrooms. There are 3 grades of room available to guests - Standard rooms, Superior Rooms, and Deluxe Rooms. Rates vary between grades. There are also a number of guesthouses, B&Bs and hotels nearby. Guests must book direct by phone to avail of wedding rates (not offered online).

Q. How many bedrooms come with the package? Is there a minimum requirement?

There is no minimum requirement but 33 rooms will be held as part of your package in your name. Individual guests can then book a room at a reduced “wedding rate”. If there are rooms remaining, then they will be released for resale to the public 4 weeks before the wedding. If there is availability beyond the 33 package rooms then they may be booked by our guests at the wedding rate also, however extra rooms are not part of the package and we cannot guarantee any rooms beyond the 33 package rooms. Any such rooms are sold on a "first come, first served" basis. Guests of weddings must book direct by phone to avail of the wedding rate (not offered online).

Q. Do you host civil ceremonies? We would love to be outside in the gardens.

We have a number of venues you may use for civil ceremonies, dependant on the number of attending guests. You may also use the garden as a venue, however there must have been no rain in the previous 10-12 days in order for this to be viable/possible (due to increased risk of shoes/chair legs sinking into wet ground). In 2019 we hope to have a brand new outdoor wedding venue that has none of the requirements mentioned above. This will hold up to 190 guests.

Q. How many people per table?

We have round tables that can accommodate from 8-10 or 9-12 guests per table (small and larger round tables, respectively). We will discuss layouts with you closer to the time of the event.

Q. When do we start the speeches?

That is entirely up to you! Some couples hold the speeches before the meal, some after, and some decide to have the starter first and then have the speeches before the main course!

Q. Can we use outside suppliers for food and/or drink?

No, sorry. All food and beverages must be purchased and consumed on-site (excluding sweets for sweetcart, see below). Patrons are prohibited from consuming alcohol other than alcohol supplied by The Keadeen. This will be rigorously enforced and we reserve the right to stop the wedding/close the bars if this condition is not strictly adhered to.

Q. Can we use outside suppliers for non-food/drink items such as centrepieces, flowers, decorations, chairs etc.?

Yes. All suppliers must provide a certificate of indemnity insurance for equipment and/or supplies brought into the hotel, including bands and DJs.

Q. Can we use your sweetcart?

The Sweetcart is yours to use complimentary as part of your package. All you need to do is supply sweets and jars.

Q. Some of our guests are vegetarian/vegan/coeliac/have allergies (nuts/shellfish etc). Will they be accommodated?

Yes they will. We can offer different options of each course to such guests on the day itself. Those with life threatening environmental allergies will only be served at the discretion of the Head Chef in accordance with Health & Safety and HAACP regulations. Particularly for life threatening allergies advance notice is necessary.

Q. When is the dinner bell rung?

We usually ring the dinner bell at 5.30pm. We will liaise on the day with you if you require more/less time. We hope to start the meal as early as possible so that you and your guests have as much time as possible to enjoy the live entertainment after the meal.

Q. How long does the meal take to serve?

On average, excluding speeches, the meal takes approximately 2 hours from start to finish.

Q. Do we have to leave the banqueting room after the meal for the dancefloor to be set up?

We ask that guests return to the Arrivals Room while we prepare the room for dancing. That means clearing and moving tables so that the carpet can be lifted to reveal the dancefloor. It takes us 40 minutes maximum to change a room around. The band may add 20 minutes to that to set up their gear. We hope to have you and your guests back into the banqueting room between 9.30pm and 10pm.

Q. Do you allow fireworks?

Sorry, no. We are situated in a residential area of a town and are not permitted to use fireworks.

Q. When will the first dance be?

Depending on speeches etc. we would hope to have you ready to dance at between 9.30pm and 10pm at the latest. We understand that you have paid a lot of money for a band and DJ and we always keep that in mind. The band usually plays first and then the DJ plays until 2am.

Q. We have guests invited to the afters, is that OK?

Of course it is! Just give us an estimate beforehand so that we can accommodate them in the room.

Q. When do the bars close?

The bar in the banqueting room closes at 1.30am sharp. The resident’s bar, for staying guests only, will close at 3.30am at the latest. Management/Security may close the resident’s bar earlier at their discretion if it is deemed appropriate in the circumstances.

If you have any further queries do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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